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Advanced Experimental Physics im Sommersemester 2016

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Exercises sheets
Supplementary material


Lecturer: Prof. C. Bechinger

Monday 11:30 to 13:00 in room 5-319 and
Thursday 9:45 to 11:15 in room 5-319
You will find room 5-319 in the physics building (Pfaffenwaldring 57) on the 5th floor behind the green elevator (south wing).

First lecture: Monday 04.04.2016


(Dr. L. Helden)

This semester exercise classes are every second week only.

On Monday an exercise sheet will be provided for download and solved during the following two weeks by the students. Results will be discussed in the exercise groups on

Monday         08:10-09:40  (Group A) in room 5-319 (same room as lecture) or
Wednesday  11:30-13:00  (Group B)  in room 5-319 (same room as lecture).

First exercise sheet : 04.04.2016  (copies will be distributed during the lecture)
First exercise group A: 18.04.2016  and  group B: 20.04.2016 .

Places have been distributed in the first lecture. If you still need to sign in there are free places available in Ggroup B (Wednesday  11:30-13:00). 


To pass the exercises (and register for the exam):

  • at least 60%  of all exercises voted
  • at least one  successful presentation of your solution to the group



  • Ashcroft & Mermin: Solid state Physics
  • Kittel: Introduction to solid state physics
  • Chakin & Lubensky: Principles of Condensed Matter Physics
  • Ibach: Solid state Physics
  • Gross & Marx: Festkörperphysik  (in German)
  • Hunklinger: Festkörperphysik (in German)


Dr. L. Helden

Office time: Wednesday, 13:00 to 14:00, Room 5-549 or 5-546