Overview of publications by the Physics Institute II

Influence of noise on force measurements [105]
G. Volpe, L. Helden, T. Brettschneider, J. Wehr, and C. Bechinger, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 170602 (2010)

Archimedean-like colloidal tilings on substrates with decagonal and tetradecagonal symmetry [102]
M. Schmiedeberg, J. Mikhael, S. Rausch, J. Roth, L. Helden, C. Bechinger, and H. Stark
Eur. Phys. J. E 32, 25 (2010) download

Novel perspectives for the application of total internal reflection microscopy [101]
G. Volpe, T. Brettschneider, L. Helden, C. Bechinger, Opt. Express 17, 23975 (2009)

Tunability of Critical Casimir Interactions by Boundary Conditions [100]
U. Nellen, L. Helden, C. Bechinger. EPL 88, 26001 (2009) download

Critical Casimir effect in classical binary liquid mixtures [99]
A. Gambassi, A. Maciolek, C. Hertlein, U. Nellen, L. Helden, C. Bechinger and S. Dietrich, Phys. Rev. E 80, 061143 (2009) download

Archimedean-like tiling on decagonal quasicrystalline surfaces [94]
J. Mikhael, J. Roth, L. Helden, C. Bechinger
Nature 454, 501 (2008) download

Direct measurement of critical Casimir forces [91]
C. Hertlein, L. Helden, A. Gambassi, S. Dietrich, C. Bechinger
Nature 451, 172 (2008) download

Experimental Verification of an Exact Evanescent Light Scattering Model for TIRM [90]
C. Hertlein, N. Riefler, E. Eremina, T. Wriedt, Y. Eremin, L. Helden, C. Bechinger
Langmuir 24, 1 (2008) 

Comparison of T-matrix method with discrete sources method applied for total internal reflection [82]
N. Riefler, E. Eremina, C. Hertlein, L. Helden, Y. Eremin, T. Wriedt, C. Bechinger
J. Quant. Spec. & Rad. Transfer 106, 464-474 (2007) download

Single particle evanescent light scattering simulations for total internal reflection microscopy [79]
L. Helden, E. Eremina, N. Riefler, C. Hertlein, C. Bechinger, Y. Eremin, T. Wriedt
Applied Optics 45, 7299-7308 (2006) download

Thermodynamics of a colloidal particle in a time-dependent non-harmonic potential [73]
V.Blickle, T. Speck, L. Helden, U. Seifert, C. Bechinger
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 070603 (2006) download

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