Workstations for General Use

Computers optimized for parallel processing

Name logical CPUs Frequency RAM CPU
Pi2PC2 24 3,33 - 3,60 GHz 72 GB 2 x Xeon X5680
Pi2PC3 16 2,93 - 3,33 GHz 24 GB 2 x Xeon X5570
Pi2PC4 32 2,60 - 3,30 GHz 128 GB 2 x Xeon E5-2670
Pi2PC5 32 2,60 - 3,30 GHz 64 GB 2 x Xeon E5-2670
Pi2PC149 12 3,30 - 3,75 GHz 24 GB Xeon X5670 OC
Pi2PC237 8 3,50 - 3,90 GHz 16 GB Core i7-4771

The standard user account "physiker" is provided for occasional use. For extended projects a personal account should be created. Please put all your data in identifiable folders on the data drive. After finishing your analysis, move the files to your own computers.

These machines can show their full potential with a lot of tasks (e.g matlab sessions) running in parallel and using as many logical CPU cores as possible. Due to the limited clock speed, single thread performance may be better on other computers.

Be aware that Microsoft Windows is installed on these computers, so they have to be restarted regularly at least once a month for the Microsoft patchday. If possible, these reboots are delayed to times of low workload. Nevertheless it may be a good idea to design your simulation software in a way that as little data as possible is lost even in case of an unscheduled reboot.

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