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Examination dates:

There will be the following three periods:

Tuesday, 19th Feb:  9.00, 9.30,10.00, 10.30

Friday, 22nd Feb:     9.00, 9.30 10.00,  11.00 11.30, 12.00, 14.00 14.30, 15.00

Friday, 22nd March: 9.00, 9.30 10.00,  11.00 11.30, 12.00, 14.00 14.30, 15.00

I will let you register for specific times on Thursday.

For those who want to take the first date (19th Feb.): You can register now for this date, so the 28 day period is still fullfilled.

The others can register this Thursday or this Friday.


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It is not allowed to make these materials available to other persons nor to distribute the material in any form whatsoever.

You are allowed to print out this material for your personal use as a student of this lecture.

The material is of course suitable for preparing yourself for the exams, but it is not a systematic lecture course on the subject. A systematic treatment of Condensed Matter Physics can be found in a number of textbooks, which were recommended in the lectures.

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Materials from the lectures

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Monday and Thursday 09:45–11:15 Uhr, Seminar room 4.331
Start: 15.10.2012

Exercise sessions

Monday 8.00 - 9.30  Seminar room 5.319

Wednesday 14.00 -15.30 Seminar room 5.319

Prof. Dr. Gert Denninger

  • International Master of physics
  • MSc Physik



  • Introductory topics: Basic quantum physics
  • Crystal structure  and the reciprocal space
  • Nearly free electrons, electron gas
  • Electronic band structure
  • semiconductors
  • electrons in a magnetic field
  • phonons and heat conduction